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Individualized Yoga
& Meditation

Individualized yoga and meditation offered in person or online for individuals interested in:

  • improved breath support

  • improved mindfulness

  • improved body alignment and overall strength

  • injury prevention and recovery

  • stress and anxiety management

  • burnout prevention/ medical professional wellness


Wellness Workshops

Addressing individual health and wellness utilizing yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and artistic expression to build stronger communities and workforce teams. Settings workshop can be held in include:

  • Professional development settings

  • Wellness centers

  • Universities

  • Medical institutions

Wellness Support for Medical Professionals

This 8-week program is grounded upon forming lifestyle habits that support you as an individual. It is from this foundation that we uncover what burnout is, where feelings of burnout may arise, how to transform burnout to build resilience and how to return to the ability to offer compassionate care through re-connection to self. We begin with a weekend meditation retreat (in-person). The retreat is followed by 7 weeks of online study and lifestyle development. Throughout the program, you will be supported with one-on-one calls, tailored articles, presentations, relevant literature, and support in the establishment of lifestyle routines that cultivate re-connection to self.

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