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Giving and Receiving as One ~ Original Poetry

January 7, 2018



when I look at you

I see my flesh and bone

swrinkled beneath the stories

that no longer sing

through the softness of your brittle lips

years of life

that weave the making

of years to come


but there are times

I forget,

I forget the magic

that weaves us one

I lose the insight

leaving foresight

abay in the abyass

of destiny


upon the driftwood

I return,

I return to the magic

that weaves us one

where our mind meets

in tender care

in buoyant awareness

of the single action

united in ebb and flow


it is here

I return,

I return to you

as I return to me

and we are awake again


It is in this moment that I think we provide out best patient care. Each day I ebb and flow in an out of this and my heart pains when I am not in this space. This is the very thing that haunts me and guides me back to presence. This is moral and ethical awareness and when we look we can’t turn away.



Founder of Align to Health




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