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Art an avenue for wellness

June 11, 2018



After five years of college to become an occupational therapist I was eager and ready to be a force of good in the world. However, after two years of working in the field I found myself struggling to return to work day after day. I knew my work was needed but the emotional toil it took left me feeling depleted and unable to cope. 


In the throes of burnout I searched from things that would comfort me. Things that promised me something better, a way out. What I found was that nothing could save me. No person, no activity, no habit or routine, no amount of love. What could save me is myself. Meditation, yoga, music, sketching, herbalism, and time in nature provided me with avenues that created space and time for me to come back into my body, into my mind, and return to my spirit. Through this attunement, that took many months of evolution, I began understanding and using my voice. Life became an art form grounded in joy and gratitude. Fear, fatigue, and inadequacy among other aspects still arise. However, my practice and attunement to self lies a foundation that allows me to return to peace, feelings of content, and equanimity with greater ease and fluidity.


As I continuously practice on returning to this space through art, my artistic endeavors evolve.However, what lies at the foundation is


returning to my breath.

returning to my body. 

returning to my mind. 


It is through returning, I can move through life and through my work with ease and fluidity. Providing me with the ability to continue to show up in my professional role. Each day is a practice to meet others suffering with compassion, with care, with an open heart. There are many days and many times where I fall short. My  practice allows me to notice these times, to hold them lightly, and to learn. 


What returns you to this space?

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