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Weaving the Mundane and the Scared Through Ritual

September 18, 2018




I go in and out of different phases throughout my life. One phase I consistently return to is looking at life as a series of rituals. When our interactions with life become acts of ritual, we begin a dance of interplay between the individual and the world. You and your breath. Your breath and your body. Your body and another’s body. Our bodies’ and the earth. The earth and all it holds.  It is between these relationships of breath, body, people, land, etc. that life spawns. It is here that we dance between this interplay of what we move in proximity to. 


Thus we create relationships in which we weave our own stories into- constructing our own reality.  It’s in awareness to this that we realize the ease. The stillness of life. The sacred in the mundane. It’s in awareness to this that these words on this page are more than words. They are the formation of life. And the way I move. The words I speak are inherently meaningless without the relationship they create. And perhaps the relationship we create with the world begins with the relationship we form with ourselves.


Do we find worthiness?  Do we find solitude?  Do we find gratitude when we sit with our own awareness? When we sit with our own thoughts? Do we dance and interweave with the complexity in which we are? Or do we limit ourselves from the possibilities to be? The possibilities that are so sacredly held uniquely within us.


 I invite you to sit and listen. To never stop exploring. Never stop being curious to who you are. To what makes you and creates your reality. I believe it is here that we are able to dance with life in a way that inspires joy, evolution, and healing in times when we are all in need of recalling the sacred in the mundane. 

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